You never thought you’d say it, but sometimes you miss your old job. While the management speak, office politics, and vomit inducing team building used to drive you to tears there were some benefits.

There was the odd project that used to stress you out but generally you could switch off once you got home. There was the odd email you had to respond to but a holiday was in fact a holiday, you didn’t need to worry about missing any phone calls, someone else in the team could deal with any queries.

And yes, you might get hassled about the odd missing expenses receipt but you didn’t have to worry about cash flow or year-end accounts.

But now you’re running your own business it’s a whole different matter. You lie in bed worrying about whether that premium networking group really is going to pay for itself, whether that client (who is already two months late) is going to settle their invoice before you need to pay your tax bill and whether you really can afford to take Monday morning off for the kids’ school prizegiving.

And you were foolish enough to think being your own boss would give you freedom. But then you hear about an amazing team of virtual assistants that can take all that stress away and you realise that you might actually be able to get a good night’s sleep again.

In this blog we discuss the different ways a virtual business support team can help you fall in love with being your own boss again.

A virtual business support team will whip your in-box into shape

All it takes is a few days of not staying on top of your inbox and you have a panic attack every time you look at the phone.

How could you possibly have so many emails? And which ones are vital to business growth and need to be answered first?

However, a virtual PA could streamline your emails in just a couple of hours work a month.

Whether you need some ninja like folder rules set up, or a purge of your newsletter subscriptions, you’ll be amazed at how quickly calm is restored once you’re no longer looking at triple or quadruple figures in your inbox.

A virtual assistant will get you the best business deals

We’ve all been there – we sign up for an amazing introductory deal for broadband or mobile and then a year or two later realise we’re paying triple what we were at the start. No wonder the company bank balance hasn’t been looking so rosy the last few months.

But with so much on your plate you don’t have time to go through the rigmarole of switching provider, let alone shopping around for the best deal.

But a virtual support team will not only know where to find the best deals, they’ll have you switched over before your next outrageously high payment goes out.

The most efficient virtual assistance teams will provide all aspects of financial support.

The most professional virtual support teams will deal with ALL of your finances

Don’t worry, you’re not the only one who wakes screaming in terror due to another nightmare about the complexities of business accounting. Whether it’s keeping track of your business expenses or preparing for end of tear accounts, financial managememt is where a lot of business owners come unstuck.

And the best virtual assistant providers will be able to handle every aspect of accounting for you.

They’ll provide insight on cash flow patterns, inventory management, pricing, and business financing which will you determine areas for growth.

They’ll help create a business budget that will support your business goals. But they’ll also help you with the boring day to day stuff as well, such advise you on the type of accounting software you may need and how to track expenses (or do it for you, if you want them to). And if you need them to they’ll open a business bank account for you.

The best virtual support teams will take the pain out of recruitment

There comes a time when you realise the only way to grow your business is to grow your team. Maybe you need to someone to handle the sales or a technical specialist to help you with product development. Or maybe, god forbid, a permanent PA (don’t worry, we understand and we want to see our clients’ businesses grow to that stage!).

But recruiting can be a full time job itself – you’ve got to create the job spec, advertise the role, streamline the candidates and conduct initial interviews.

Well, a professional VA service will do all of that for you, so you only need make time for the cream of the crop when you conduct the final interviews.

And if your virtual assistant provider is REALLY good, they’ll even provide you with ongoing HR and employment law support and guidance.

So if you’re losing sleep over the stress of running your own business, get in touch now.