Everyone’s heard of the words “mental health” right? If you haven’t, you must’ve been living under a rock. It’s currently the most talked about topic in everyday life, on social media, in the news, but not so much when it comes to the workplace. Did you know, one in four people in the UK will have a mental health problem at some point within each year. A statistic which we just can’t ignore.

Mental health is all about how we think, feel and behave with anxiety and depression being the most common mental health problems, often a reaction to a difficult life event, such as bereavement or a trauma. However, anxiety and depression, along with many other mental health conditions can also be caused by work-related issues, such as workload, job pressure and a stressful working environment.

But, mental health in the workplace can be tackled in two different ways; taking care of yourself at work and taking care of your employee’s at work. We have some top tips on how you can stay well at work;

Taking care of you;

  • Are things getting on top of you at work? Take some time at the beginning of each day to write your to do list. Getting your thoughts on paper and organising yourself will take pressure away from your mind. You could also take some time at the end of the day on a Friday to plan for the week ahead!
  • Take your lunch break- Most people will have a working lunch at their desks but this time should be taken to relax, step away from your desk and take a breather. If you have outside space, why not go for a walk and stretch your legs.
  • Getting the right work life balance- (this is SO important). Are you always the last one to leave the office? Is it dark when you are leaving? Working long hours will take its toll on your mind, you’re thinking and concentration and…doesn’t always mean you are working to the best of your ability! Make sure you are leaving at the right time and keeping work and personal life separate.
  • Want to fully focus on a certain task but can’t block out the background noise? Try listening to calming music through headphones to fully be in the zone and get the job done. If your working environment becomes too busy and noisy during the day, stick your headphones in!

Research from “Mind”confirms more than one in five agreed that they had called in sick to avoid work when asked how workplace stress had affected them and 14% agreed that they had resigned and 42% had considered resigning when asked how workplace stress had affected them.

Here’s some tips on how you can support your employee’s when it comes to mental health in the workplace;

Taking care of your employee’s;

  • Provide a calm working environment- Your staff will work better if their working environment is relaxed, with low pressure on their shoulders. Think about the layout of your office, lighting and space as surrounding is also important. Make sure you are accessible to your staff in case they need to ask any questions and be there to support.
  • Check in regularly with your staff – When was the last time you caught up with your administration assistant or your HR director? No matter what level of seniority, everyone is human and individuals will benefit from you checking in with them. Have a catch up over a cup of tea and discuss workload, priorities and collect feedback.
  • Promote wellbeing in the workplace – Shout about it yourself! Why not!? Train yourself and your team to support each other and support those who may be struggling. Take an online course as a team or have an off-site mental health awareness day. The more we all understand about mental health in the workplace, the easier it will be to talk about it and overcome it.
  • Create and maintain good employer employee relationships – A simple “hello”in the morning is a start! Talk to your employee’s, laugh and take the time to get to know the people who are working for you, but most importantly working with you.

Statistics show 30% of staff disagreed with the statement ‘I would feel able to talk openly with my line manager if I was feeling stressed’ and 56% of employers said they would like to do more to improve staff wellbeing but don’t feel they have the right training or guidance. So…it’s about time we all start listening to these statistics and educating ourselves to how we can support each other in the workplace and make going to work an easier and better experience!

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For support and free online resources, head over to https://www.mind.org.uk/information-support/