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There’s an incredible amount of freedom and flexibility in being your own boss but boy is it stressful. And when you’re stressed it’s difficult to make those critical business decisions that will take your startup to the next level.

Which is why at intelligentPA we’re all about reducing business stress, whether you’re a client or an employee. It’s always been our mission to create a flexible working environment that enables both our staff and the businesses we support to flourish.

Business finance and administration superheroes

If you want us to take a deep dive into your finances and provide in-depth cash flow and growth projections, we can do it. If you want us take care of all the distracting but essential admin tasks that you’re struggling to keep on top of, we can do it.

Because, as our clients say, we’re a talented bunch of superheroes with expertise in all aspects of business. And our team is constantly growing.

But all superheroes have an origin story – so what’s ours?

From accountancy consultant to intelligentPA

Well, it’s a familiar tale. With a familiar supervillain – AKA “The Man.”

Like many entrepreneurs in the making Joanna Ritson, intelligentPA’s founder, had become frustrated with corporate life.

Despite decades of experience in business finance, and an enviable work ethic, Joanna struggled to find an employer that was able to offer career progression and job flexibility. Because, what “The Man” doesn’t realise is that a lot of us have responsibilities outside of work.

And not all superheroes can be in two places at once. Because as well as being a superstar accountant Joanna is also a superstar mum, who funnily enough, wants to spend time with her family as well as rise up the career ladder.

After escaping the evil clutches of “The Man” Joanna quickly found a client in the construction sector, based in a Co-Working space near Gatwick. Joanna quickly made a huge impact with her client and felt more valued for her efforts than she had in a long time.

What’s more, Joanna found that many other startups and entrepreneurs in the Co-Working space were coming to her for advice. Due to her varied skillset Joanna was soon providing a whole range of business administration services and intelligentPA was born.

Corporate level professionalism combined with entrepreneurial flexibility

Within months Joanna was growing her team of admin superheroes and taking on larger office space.

Now intelligentPA employs a variety of staff on a full-time, part time and contract basis – that way we can offer both our staff and clients precisely the flexibility and expertise they need. We bring an extremely high level of professionalism but we don’t take life too seriously – both statements our growing list of clients agree with – just see what they have to say here.

So if you’re after corporate level professionalism combined with entrepreneurial flexibility, we’re the virtual team for you.

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