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At intelligentPA we hit the ground running. When we work with you we appoint a dedicated assistant who is experienced in your industry – so we won’t waste valuable time learning about your sector.

We’ll spend time getting to know you, your company, it’s culture and values. That way we can quickly integrate ourselves into your business and start acting as part of your team, complete with a dedicated company telephone number, signature and email address.

Our team of VA’s are expertly trained and although you will have a dedicated VA who will (virtually) become one of your team, we offer support internally in the form of a “Lead VA” who will ensure our high-quality standards are met and exceeded.

Why us?

Virtual assistants can save you up to 78% on operating costs each year are and are 13% more productive and efficient than internal team members carrying out the same task.

  • We bring an extremely high level of professionalism, but we don’t take life too seriously
  • We offer multiple different packages, whether you are looking for blocked out monthly support or more flexible support, we can tailor our approach to your needs
  • We personalise our approach to every client and individual meaning your support isn’t generic, we get to know you and your business
  • Our rates are highly competitive
  • No task is too big or too small for us…

So whatever tasks we’re performing for you, whether that’s social media updates or managing your diary, your clients and suppliers won’t know we’re an outsourced agency – as far as they’re concerned, we’re just another member of your growing empire.

But as well as us taking on all the mundane but essential admin tasks that keep your business running smoothly, you’re getting access to experts who can really help your startup thrive.

Our team consists of accountants and HR professionals who have decades of experience in the corporate world. So we can advise you on targeted, strategic growth and help you take the steps you need to dominate your sector.

So what exactly is it we do and how do we do it?

Business &
Personal Finance

Not many of us start a business because we love a bit of bookkeeping. So it’s no surprise that for many of you this is the most stressful aspect of running your own business.

But fortunately for you we do love a bit of bookkeeping. Our finance experts will stay on top of your cashflow and management reporting, so you know exactly what’s coming in and going out on a monthly basis.

We’ll keep your accounts right up to date, and even complete your tax returns. All you need to do is send us your receipts and enjoy the strange sensation of feeling relaxed whenever you hear the phrase HMRC.

HR &

It’s the biggest step in growing your business. And unfortunately it’s the part that’s the biggest headache.

Taking on a new member of staff is a big decision. And an expensive one. Because you can waste a lot of money if you don’t know the best way of finding the best candidate.

From establishing your exact requirements, advertising the role, screening the applicants, arranging candidate interviews to putting a contract in place, we can do it all.

But our HR experts will also ensure help you get up to speed with employment law, so you don’t fall foul of the wide ranging legal responsibilities of being someone else’s boss.

Social Media Marketing

From the initial setup of your business Instagram and Facebook page to designing, scheduling and posting content. 

Our Marketing VA is on it.

With a planned out monthly schedule of social media posts across various platforms, our Marketing VA can run with it, taking social media admin off your hands. Creating eye catching, stand out content and scheduling at the right time and on certain days for your audience, we can ensure your social accounts are kept up to date with rolling posts showing your business is “live” to those who check it out.

Diary, Email & Call

If managing a diary, booking appointments and keeping up with your emails are a headache, let us take this strain away. 

Important emails can get lost in an untidy and disorganised inbox. Using folders to file enables you to find a certain client email with a few clicks. Inbox overflowing and unsure where to start or missing the most important emails? Not a problem, we can manage incoming messages flagging importance and filing away.

A busy schedule often runs the risk of a missed appointment. We can manage your diary, entering appointments with all the relevant details you’ll need to get to your meeting on time. Need a reminder? We’ve already set this up for you, never miss an appointment again.

Did you know, 20% of business is lost through missed calls. Direct your calls to our office line and our professionals will ensure no call or potential business is missed!

Marketing Support

So you’ve spent a lot of time developing a knock out marketing strategy that you’re really proud of. But you’re also super bogged down. Don’t let that strategy gather dust on the shelf.

We can implement it for you. We can work alongside you, working with your marketing strategy and get your message out there. To the right people, at the right time and in the right way. Whether you are looking for the design and production of marketing collateral or running email campaigns and monthly newsletters, we are experienced in these fields.

Social media is vital if you want to grow your business and increase awareness of your brand. To do it well though is massively time consuming. And not to mention the time is can take to regularly update your website with new products, offers and blogs.

If only you had a virtual marketing expert to assist…

General PA Services

Do you feel like you could do with an extra pair of hands? Someone to “just book that train ticket” or “change that meeting”, look no further.

At intelligentPA, we are all about reducing stress, whether that be business or personal. Those small tasks that need doing but you just cannot find the time or brain power for (yes the small tasks are usually the ones that take the most thinking!). Whether you need to book an external meeting room for a client meeting or need train or flights booked, we can help. We are even on hand to provide personal PA services and are more than happy to buy those birthday presents and cards you have totally forgotten about.


But company finance isn’t just about keeping the books in order. And the more you grow, the more difficult it can be know your assets from your cashflow.

We understand that while you’re experts in your field business finance can be a complex subject to understand.

We’re not ones to brag but our clients tell us where we really make a difference to their business is by demystifying finance. We toss the financial jargon aside and explain our approach in a simple manner. So you can focus on business growth while we focus on the financial strategy.

Organisation/Back Office

Unfortunately there’s a downside to business growth. The bigger you get, the more admin there is.

But when you’re focussing on meeting client’s deadlines and landing new contracts you don’t have time to think about setting up a virtual phone line or using an online filing system for various shared documents.

But you don’t need to worry about that, because as you probably know, we’re good at that too.

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